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What is this?

This is a Google custom search engine, Homeschool flavored. What is homeschool flavor? Some say it tastes like chicken but it’s actually Google custom search limited to only homeschooling related sites and pages. The search includes only homeschool sites, blogs, articles, vendors and resources to provide search results with a homeschool focus.

If I left out some of your favorite sites, it was unintentional. I can only add a site if I know about it. I want them ALL! That’s where you come in...

Help us Improve

Tell me about the homeschool sites I missed. I’m sure there are hundreds of them. The only requirement is that the site is homeschool focused or an educational resource that could be used by homeschoolers. The list is not limited by politics, religion or educational philosophy, only topic.

Use this comments form to tell me about sites we still need. Leave a comment.

A better way is to Volunteer to contribute and add to the list of sites yourself. If approved, you will be able to contribute sites to this search engine anytime you want.

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If you have a homeschool site of your own, consider putting the Homeschool flavored search on your site. You can customize colors and size to fit your site.

iGoogle module

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What sites are included?

A list would not only be rather large to display but it changes all the time. However, this is a search engine. Type in the name of the site you seek and hit search. If it’s in there, it will show up.

Originally, I included about 70 blogs and all of and which includes several hundred more homeschool blogs. Then I added almost 200 other well-known blogs, sites and articles. Yes, I missed a lot. Help me.